Our Worship Style

Wide View. Pentecost Sunday Sanctuary

Our worship service is a traditional service with some contemporary elements. On most Sundays, the Bible texts are from the Revised Common Lectionary. This Lectionary is a set of passages that major denominations have agreed to use that cover the church calendar and highlight the major themes of the Bible. We encourage congregational participation in worship by the use of responsive readings, prayers, and confessions of faith. Each Sunday the pastor and a worship leader guide us through the service.

The worship service is relaxed and friendly. We “pass the peace” in our service. This is a time in the service where the congregation is encouraged to move from their seats and extend the peace of Christ to one another. Often brief conversations and catching up get included. Newcomers are welcomed but not “called out” in any way. We simply invite them to leave us their contact information if they would like.

Large print Sunday Bulletins with large print hymns are available just before entering our Sanctuary. Assistive hearing devices are available at the table near the Fourth Street entrance.  If you are unable to find them, please ask an usher.  (To see what our services are like – or if you want information about a particular Sunday service, click here to look at a Sunday Bulletin.)

Congregational singing is drawn from traditional hymns with a few favorite contemporary numbers. Our dedicated Chancel Choir sings weekly from September through June, focusing on classical and contemporary pieces. Our Westminster Bell Choir plays once a month and often accompanies the hymns sung on that Sunday. We have a music ensemble, Glorify! which accompanies the youth and shares other contemporary music pieces. The PresbyPraise choir composed of elementary and younger children shares enthusiastic singing twice a month. In the summer when our regular choirs are on a break, we invite a wide variety of musicians to bless us with their gifts.

What to Wear

Sometimes, if you are new to a church, you may be concerned about what to wear. Rest assured that you will see a wide variety of dress styles at our church: jeans to dresses, T-shirts to polo shirts to suits. You will find someone to match your dress style at our church.

Baptism and Communion

The Presbyterian Church (USA) recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We baptize both children and adults, although we only baptize once and recognize the baptisms of other Christian traditions.

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month and a few other key days in the church year. All believers and their baptized children are welcome at our table. We use grape juice for our communion so all may participate.

We partake in the Lord’s Supper in two ways. About half of our communions are “served.” Those distributing communion bring trays of bread and juice in cups to those seated in the pews. The trays are passed, the bread first and then the juice. Those participating are asked to take and eat the bread and hold the cup of juice until the end when all can share the cup of Christ together. As you pass the trays of bread you can share the words, “The body of Christ broken for you.” As you pass the tray of juice, you can share the words, “The blood of Christ shed for you.” A common response to these is, “Praise be to God!”

On “Intinction Sundays” participants are invited to come forward, take a piece of bread from a tray, dip it in the juice, eat it, and then return to their seats. The servers will come to anyone who is physically unable to come forward. The servers will often share the words “The body of Christ broken for you” and “The blood of Christ shed for you.” Participants will often respond, “Praise be to God!”

(Those unable to stand will have their sacrament bread and juice unobtrusively served to them as they sit.)