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Food insecurity, that is, the lack of consistent access to food, affects many children in our country.  In 2012, 21.6% of children in the US were food insecure.  That figure was even higher in Ohio with 25.2%.  This chronic hunger affects children’s physical health as well as their ability to do well in school.   Excessive absences, short attention spans, and a general inability to concentrate are all direct results of food insecurity.  In addition, entire school communities are affected when chronically hungry students are hyperactive, aggressive, irritable, and have trouble forming friendships and/or getting along with others.

The GoPacks Program is designed to offer food insecure students a source of nutrition when they are away from school on weekends and short school breaks.  Backpacks filled with shelf stable food are sent home with students in need on Fridays.  Food sent home is meant to duplicate the meals students would normally receive in school and typically include two breakfast options, two lunch options and two snacks.  When at all possible, food packed is of kid friendly preparation.  Backpacks are then returned to the schools on Mondays, allowing the cycle to repeat.

A very special thanks to our GoPacks Partners:


Karen Zoller

Sisters Health Foundation

Walmart Foundation



First Presbyterian Church launched the GoPacks program at Washington Elementary School in the spring of 2015.  The program seeks to partner with families, creating a unified effort – families, schools, & community – against food insecurity.   The program is in the first stages of becoming a community driven & supported program.  A diverse board has been assembled to direct the program.  Community support in the form of sponsorships, financial & food donations, and volunteers is requested.

If you or your business would like to learn more about the GoPacks program or how you can become involved please contact the program’s Director/Coordinator, Heather Warner.
FPC Church – 740-373-1800

Come join us in creating relationships, strengthening communities & most importantly

Help Keep Kids Going.