Worship & Music

The task of Worship and Music Commission is to assist the Session to fulfill its responsibility for the worship of God by the people of this congregation. The Commission may be found fixing the dates of Holy Communion, making arrangements for the summer service aboard the Valley Gem, pondering acquisition of a new hymnal, recruiting worship leaders, selecting Advent devotional booklets – to give a sample of what it does, all in awareness of the centrality of worship in the Christian life.

The model for our church today is supplied by the Church at its birth. On Pentecost (Acts 2:41, 42) the new believers “were baptized” and “devoted themselves to the apostolic teaching and fellowship, to the breaking bread and the prayers . . .” We are not to exist in a solitary, certainly not self-centered relationship with Christ. We join in the fellowship of believers to partake of the sacraments, to attend to the Word preached, and to offer prayers of  praise, thankfulness, petition and repentance. The humbling mission of the Worship and Music Commission is direction to the essential and perhaps ultimate action of the Church: worship of God– Father, Son and Holy Spirit.