Stewardship & Finance

The mission of the Marietta First Presbyterian Church Stewardship & Finance Commission is to oversee the general operating budget and related financial matters of the church, and to keep Session and Commission Chairs informed of the financial condition of the church. With the goal of being good stewards of the congregation’s gifts to God, we encourage stewardship in all areas of ministry and missions. Specifically, the Stewardship & Finance Commission is responsible for:

  • Administering an effective annual pledge drive to encourage church members to express their giving intentions.
  • Developing a church operating budget, monitoring the budget, and regularly reporting to Session the status of the budget and financial condition.
  • Maintaining appropriate records for review, and
  • Preparing an annual report of financial activity and condition.


Endowments and Special Funds Committee

The purpose of the committee is defined as being “to protect and preserve the Capital Funds created by those who have left monies to First Presbyterian Church through bequests, by restricted donations, or by action of the Session.”