Session and Deacons

The Session and the Deacons

We have two boards that help us organize and focus our gifts and talents.

The Board of Elders (or Session)* is made up of 3 classes of 4 elders each. Each class serves 3 years. The pastor is the moderator of that board. The Session is responsible for developing a vision for the church and for major decisions coming from the recommendations from commissions on which the Elders and Deacons serve, such as worship, education, mission, stewardship, and care of our facility.

The Board of Deacons (or Deacons)** insures that those in need are being served. This board is made up of 3 classes of 5 deacons each. Each class serves 3 years. The deacons elect their moderator. The various Committees on this board each have specific duties, listed in detail below.

What are our Deacon’s Responsibilities?

Blood/Emergency Management Committee

To be First Presbyterian Church’s administrative representative to the Inter-Church Blood Bank, of which we are a member.

College and Outreach Committee

To communicate with college members of the congregation to let them know the congregation supports and encourages them.

Communion Committee

To prepare the elements and table linen for all communion services and to clean and store silver service after each use.

Compassion/Joys and Concerns Committee

To minister to the needy by providing compassionate support to members of our congregation or nonmember citizens of the community who approach First Presbyterian Church for assistance. The mission support should include referral to appropriate community resources as well as provision of financial or other material assistance.

Ministry to Extended Care Facilities Committee

To plan and coordinate outside services at nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Sip and Chat Committee

To coordinate and supervise a weekly time of fellowship following each Sunday’s church service. Promote this period of fellowship as a time to greet visitors and get to know other church members on a more personal basis.

Sound Committee

To monitor and adjust the sound system for sanctuary services so that everyone in the church can hear.

Transportation Committee

To coordinate and arrange for transportation of church members to church, to doctor’s appointments, and other destinations as requested.

Ushers/Greeters/Acolytes Committee

To recruit, train, and lead ushers, greeters, and acolytes for all regular and special worship services.

Visitation Committee of the Whole

To maintain a list of congregation members who are unable to attend worship services and visit them on a regular basis.

A church member becomes an officer by being selected by our Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation. The Nominating Committee seeks members who are faithful in attendance and service in the church, who demonstrate a willingness to give of their time, and who have gifts needed for the particular office. Training for new officers is scheduled prior to taking office and there are learning events offered to all officers on a regular basis.

If you would like to serve as an officer, speak with one of the committee members on the boards listed below. The nominating committee typically meets in the fall to select officers for the coming year. Announcements are placed in the bulletin and church newsletter along with committee member names to enable you to suggest church members who would make good officers.

*Board of Elders (Main contact person is the Clerk)

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Betsy Akeman Jim Barengo Rick Peoples
Cathy Piekarski Helen Crago
Erlan Wheeler Hank Goehring
Heather Warner
Pauline Lee, Clerk (non-voting)

**Board of Deacons   (Main contact person is the Moderator)

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Bill Cusack Linda O’Brien, Secretary Marla Hoerst
Nancy McCartney Vivian O’Connor Charlotte Furbee
Peggy Malcomb Sally Norton, Moderator
Marilyn Moody Linda Rhoads
Bonita Smith, Treasurer