Activities Organized by The Evangelism and Discipleship Commission (E&D)

(See our Newsletter to know which activities are planned for this month.)

Fun Nights

Held periodically throughout the year, Fun Nights are themed parties meant to bring all generations of the church together for casual fellowship. Past Fun Nights have included a Bingo party, an Iron Chef style cooking competition and a Wii Bowling Tournament. Outside friends are always welcome and there is always plenty of fun and food to be had, resulting in an enjoyable evening for all.



Dinners for Eight

Groups of eight  members or committed friends of our congregation gather together once a month to dine and share fellowship.  Depending on the desires of the group, some dinners are enjoyed at local restaurants and others at private homes. Some groups might share fellowship with a potluck meal and a croquet game, all in good fun. Some groups even work an extra activity into the evening such as viewing a play or concert. No matter the details of the evening, Dinners for Eight are always a great way for our members and friends to connect and build friendships.

Outside the Church Walls

Many events and activities are held outside of our church walls and we welcome you in joining– or bringing a friend or two. One of our favorites is the Golf Spring Picnic, where dinner can be flanked with golf and/or mini-golf before and after the meal.




The Evangelism and Discipleship committee is always looking for new ways to strengthen congregational bonds, provide fellowship time, and welcome outsiders into our community; please let us know if you can think of other activities to try .

(To find out more about the purpose and focus of the E & D Commission, go here.)