Our Forever Home

May 27, 2018
Our adoption as heirs with Christ and children of God means we have a 'forever home'. We have an Abba (Father) - a relationship that is both intimate and calls…

Over All Things

May 13, 2018
Jesus shows by his life, death, and resurrection how we are to exercise power - with humility, gentleness, and love.
The Spirit surprised the church in Acts by sending the Spirit upon the Gentiles. Time and again the church has been surprised by the Spirit's call to those we didn't…

Fed by the Vine

April 29, 2018
Connected to Jesus we are meant to be productive. God prunes so we will bear much fruit.

Shepherd’s Care

April 22, 2018
We need the Good Shepherd to lead us, nurture us, heal us and protect us. We learn his voice as we follow him into the new life of the resurrection.
Peter and John were called before the religious leaders to answer for healing a man. The man's healing was so miraculous that thousands heard Peter preach and point to the…
A messenger met the women at the grave with the message that Jesus was no longer dead. He invited his followers to follow him into the world to serve others.…