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Your Wedding at First Presbyterian

Marriage is part of God’s purpose for humankind. The creation of a Christian marriage is not only an act of the two people or of the state, but also of God. The Church, a family of God, not a building, exists to be God’s messengers and witnesses of these things. We try to help people enter the married relationship based on the knowledge that “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.” So, the Marriage Service is part of the worship of the Church. As such, the sharing of the gift of this act of worship is one of the finest things the Church offers people.

Counseling:  It is to be understood that all couples will undertake counseling with the Minister. This is to help them have a firm base in mutual understanding and in the Christian faith underlying the Marriage Service so that they may enter the marriage covenant with hearts and minds made glad by a deep awareness of both the privileges and the duties of marriage. If the person and their circumstance are not known by the Minister, it will be necessary to meet with him before the wedding service is added in our office calendar and can be regarded as accepted and final.

Who may be married in First Presbyterian, Marietta?  In general, it is expected that at least one of the partners is a baptized and an actively practicing Christian, and that ordinarily both of them will share a common faith. Specifically, this means the following may be married here:

  • Those, either or both, who are governing members of this congregation; or who are baptized members who share regularly in the worship of this congregation.
  • Those, either or both, who are members of another Presbyterian congregation. Please advise us of the name of your church and pastor.
  • Those, either or both, who have been baptized but do not have a church home and are seeking one in First Presbyterian Church, or who intend to do so, and for whom their marriage in First Presbyterian would genuinely encourage them on their journey in the Christian faith.
  • In some cases those who are active in membership in another church who desire to be married at First Presbyterian may be permitted to use the church. A meeting with the current minister of First Presbyterian will need to be arranged to discuss the matter.
  • If the couple desires a minister other than the current minister of First Presbyterian to perform the service that is permitted in some cases. A letter confirming the completion of premarital counseling will be required in advance of the service. 
  • Our minister will meet with any who wish to explore these matters with him or any other matters not covered in the above.

Where is the Marriage Service conducted? As the Marriage Service is an act of worship before God, it normally is conducted where the Church worships. The Sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church seats a maximum of 400 and the Memorial Chapel will seat a maximum of 80.

The form of the Marriage Service: The form of the Marriage Service and how it is conducted in this church is guided by the service in the Book of Common Worship of the Presbyterian Church (USA). If however, you have particular wishes regarding the service not covered in the Book of Common Worship, the minister will be glad to discuss these with you. We do regard the Book of Common Worship as the general standard as to what is appropriate in this church.

How do we schedule a wedding at the church? Please contact the church office (740-373-1800) and request an application form and price list. Fill out the form insuring you provide current contact information. You will be called about scheduling a time to meet with the pastor. Until all requirements related to premarital counseling and form of service have been properly agreed to, you should not assume you have the church scheduled for that date.

Funeral Planning or Pre-Planning

Have you thought about what you’d prefer in a memorial service and reception afterwards? Pastor David is ready to discuss your wishes, plans and details for the service you would like for your loved one or yourself.